Saturday, July 24, 2010

It Begins!

Hello, this is a project to help support, advertise, and display works of short fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. This zine is dedicated to up-and-coming writers who need a place to start their careers out at.

What should you expect if you are a reader? Simply put amateur writing of highish quality. Not to say we are professionals, but that it isn't "leet" speak either. U no wat i meen?

What should you send if you are a writer? Fiction, nonfiction, poetry, experimental prose, quirky tales, and just about any thing entertaining. Word counts should be in the smallish zone, that is 2,000 words and below. Longer works can be submitted but might not be published.

What do we not want submitted? We do not want rants or raves about heated discussions, i.e. this is not a public debate forum. Papers written on topics such as "why my religion rocks and everyone else can *#*@%" will simply not do.

How do you submit? Send submissions to with "Streets Ahead" in the subject heading. Please also include your name, a brief bio (less than 50 words), and your website (if you have one).

We are dedicated to bringing the very best in the very amateur.